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Simply melts away Acidity,
Indigestion and Heart burn...

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Nivaran 90 is the world's first herbal cough syrup dispensed in sachets. The sachets are dispensed not only in medical…

Memory is indispensable for people of all ages to succeed in life – be it in academics, work or sports.…

In modern medicine antacid, antiulcerants and digestants are made from chemicals with many side effects starting from nausea, vomiting and…

Pellet Bottle

Nivaran 90 Herbal Cough Syrup

Nivaran 90 is the world’s first herbal cough syrup dispensed in sachets. The sachets are dispensed not only in medical outlet but also in department stores, small retail shops in both the urban and rural areas. The sachet being handy and convenient to carry. also comes at a very affordable prices for the common man. Nivaran 90 is safe for infants children pregnant and lactating mother and the elderly Nivaran 90 can be used by “Anybody at Any time and Any where”.


Available in

Syrup In Sachet : 8ml

Syrup In Bottle : 100 ml & 200ml

Lozenges : Hot boiled Candy

Cough Cure Granules in Sachet : 5gm

Memory pluspsd 2015 A

Memory Plus

This formulation has been consumed 3000 years ago by sages and learned scholars. It helps in memory retention, anti – aging, an anti – oxident and a nerve tonic. (See The brand ambassador was none other than the Grand Master Vishwanathan Anand reading the slogan,

“I Trust Memory Plus.”

Available in 125mg capsules in a cartons of 30s.

World’s First Intelligence Drink

Today every consumer wants to have the best health, body and mind. As complications have arisen in every field, the young generation needs to lead a stress – free and challenging life. The answer to this is Memory Vita, aimed to cater to the young generation and as our President has put it, “the future of India lies in building strong willed students to make strong citizens”.

Available in

Refill Pack : 450 gm

single use Sachets : 15gm

The extension of the product is Biscuits, candies, chocolate etc.

New Pouch - Nivaran 90 STRONG 2016

World’s First Memory Bites

Backed Snacks

Reduces Stress and Improves mental Alertness, learning & Focus Ability

Long term & Short term memory.

Available in

Single Use pack : 27gm

Mega Pack : 400gm

New Pouch - Nivaran 90 STRONG 2016

Nivaran 90 Diegstive ANTACID

Acidity is a direct outcome of today’s fast paced world. Untimely eating habits and the increased consumption of junk foods & fast foods, make Gastric problems one of the most common ailments today. We offer you instant relief with our range of Antacids

Fight Acidity , heart burn, Indigestion in seconds.

Nivaran 90 Digestive Antacid is a herbal remedy, formulated by a Doctor with no side effects that offers relief in 10 seconds and gives 24 hour protection.

Available in Regular ,Sugar Free & Digestive Chewable Pellets

Syrup – one time use : Sachets 8 ml

Syrup – Bottle :100 & 200 ml

Digestive Chewable Pellets

Pellets – Sachet :10 gm

Pellets – Small container :20gm

New Pouch - Nivaran 90 STRONG 2016

Velvette ShampooIndia’s First Sachet Shampoo

The pioneer product that created sensation by its pioneering sachet concept, though slackened in sales due to multinational threats, still holds a strong brand recall and only product to have organic base but harmless to the eyes and skin.

The product is available in popular variants of Black, Jasmine, and Rose.

Sachets : 8ml Re.3/-

Bottles : 100 ml. Rs. 60/-

New Pouch - Nivaran 90 STRONG 2016

Velvette Deodorant Talc

Known for innovative ideas and pioneering concepts the next product was Velvette deodorant talc. The concept of deos was introduced for its uniqueness as it contains triclosan which is a biocidal product. The Scientific Committees of cosmetics has evaluated triclosan’s ability to induce antibiotic resistance in bacteria and their ecofriendly substances. The product comes in a fresh lingering perfume of lime.. The deos effect can be felt from dawn to dusk.

Available in

Sachet :3gms,

container :100gms

New Pouch - Nivaran 90 STRONG 2016


VELVETTE HERBAL HAIR WASH POWDER is a ready mix of rare Gangetic herbs blended with roots, flowers, leaves, barks & seeds from 9 herbs, that nourish and strengthen your hair roots. The traditional oil bath with Velvette Hair wash cools your head and body giving you a youthful feeling and a glowing tangle free hair

Using Herbs :

Shikakai , Tulsi, Bramhi, Amla Vetiver, Badam, Fenugreek, Reetha & Hibiscus.

Available in

Powder in Sachet : 10gm pack (one time use )

Powder in Container : 200gm pack

New Pouch - Nivaran 90 STRONG 2016

Nivaran Cool Cool Oil

Relieves headache, insomnia, tiredness, minor cuts, and burns, cools scalp and refreshes body Checks premature hair loss and improves memory.

Each 3.5 ml contains extracts of:

Amla 10%, Seetal Cheeni, Kabab Cheeni 10%, Camphor 10%, Arnya Poohitha 10%, Khasa Gandar, Bena khas 8%, Bahera 8%, Bakuchi, Bavachi 8 %, Brahmi 2%, Gingelly Oil Base q.s.

Available in

Sachet : 3ml

New Pouch - Nivaran 90 STRONG 2016

Nivaran 90 Pain Oil

For fast relief from head ache, migraine, body ache, backache, knee pain, joint pain, spondylitis, muscular spasm & angle sprains and cold. Gently roll on the affected skin are as many times as required. This is for External use Only. Exp. 3 years from the Date of manufacture.

Each 8 ml Contains :

Pudhina Oil-1.8 ml, Karpoor Oil – 0.72ml, Winter Green Oil – 0.36ml, Eucalyptus Oil – 72ml, Ghandapura Oil- 0.36ml, Gajaput Oil- 0.16ml, Clove Oil – 0.24ml. Peppermint Oil -0.16ml, White Oil- 2.48ml, Base – Q.s.

Available in

Small Bottle : 8 ml

Swadeshi Products

Innovated in India. Made in India. For India and the world


The pioneer product that created sensation by its pioneering sachet concept, though slackened in sales due to multi national threats, still holds a strong brand recall and only product to have organic base but harmless to the eyes and skin. The product is available in popular 8ml pouches for Re.3/- and 100 ml. Bottles for Rs. 60/- in variants of Black, Jasmine, and Rose.

Digestive Antacid Final Sachet AA

  • Created from natural herbs 
  • 100% safe for your health
  • Quality product from Sujatha Biotech
  • Created by Medical Professionals of Sujatha Biotech


Sujatha Biotech Highlights

  • Created from natural herbs
  • 100% safe for your health

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NIVARAN 90 DIGESTIVE ANTACID – Launched by his excellency Dr. K. Rosaiah.

A father who dreamt of providing health care to the masses and a son who made this dream come true. This is the true story behind the creation of a visionary foundation called Sujatha Biotech. In 1980, Dr. C.K. Rajkumar called by press as sachet czar, an ophthalmologist set out to realize his father’s dream and founded the company.

Over the years Dr. C.K. Rajkumar has created an organization that is strong in values, integrity and is backed by R&D, state-of-the-art infrastructure, efficient management board, committed professionals across departments and a willingness to become the number one producer of Health Care Products in the country.

Today, Sujatha Biotech bouquet of products includes Nivaran Cough Syrup , Memory Plus capsules and Memory Vita.

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Integrating Innovation, Tradition, and Science
Sujatha Biotech Products start with a deep understanding of the herbs tried and tested to enhance wellness.
Scientific rigour builds on the traditional wisdom, identifying compounds and molecules most suited to address consumer needs.
Innovation brings alive new possibilities, offering consumers a range of products that combine convenience, effectiveness, reliability, and safety.